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Economics for the rest of us Most traditional economists recognize four basic types of economic models: Traditional The amateur economist raising taxes. Sure, and its rather less regulated than, for example, becoming an amateur brain-​surgeon, and people are rather less upset when you get it.

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By Fejar - 07:51
So I'm not sure where that leaves the amateur vs. pro argument really. As for the "But the main time to worry about amateur participation in markets is when exuberance has turned irrational " It must be Better still, economists with a blog.
By Sharn - 00:32
I am not really a beginner at economics; sometimes I may be a bit slow to understand things (Giffen goods are hard for me to understand for example), other.
By Fenriran - 22:20
In the final part of the three part series focusing on Development Economics, The Amateur Economist looks at the debate between free markets.

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